1. wonderbread51's Avatar
    Hey Folks,

    Any other apps out there similar to Drivesafe.ly that are worth a try? I'm not terribly unhappy with drivesafe.ly, but I've got it doing some weird things that I'm not loving and I'm willing to try something else on a recommendation.

    I spend a ton of time in the car, and apps like this make for a much safer day.
    04-06-10 12:56 PM
  2. akmolin's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure Viigo the paid version does this as well but it's paid so yea and don't know the exact details for what it does. Hope this helps
    04-06-10 01:11 PM
  3. joedirt2217's Avatar
    VLINGO free and paid, both will read incoming e-mails and sms.
    04-06-10 01:29 PM
  4. gotars's Avatar
    Vlingo is what I think you mean...and the free version pretty much does what Drivesafe.ly does in reading incoming Text and Email. It also has a bunch of other features that are great for those of us that do a lot of driving. Especially if you have the paid version. There are a handful of threads on this board detailing the good and bad of Vlingo, but in my opinion, it is far better than Drivesafe.ly.
    04-06-10 01:31 PM