1. EvilElf's Avatar
    I am missing something or is downloading the xml file for each course painful now after the website change?

    The browser wants to save the file as the generic name so we have to cut and paste the correct filename for each save. I used to use the Firefox extension, Download Them All, or something like that, to download all of them at once.

    Again, I am missing something?
    07-12-12 02:40 PM
  2. ashworth's Avatar
    would you be able to give me a more detailed walkthough of what you are doing so I can better understand. I dont use the xml files on the device it was just something i added because someone wanted it.
    07-27-12 08:04 PM
  3. EvilElf's Avatar
    I used to go the MY CUSTOM COURSE.XML page and download all of my XML files from there. I could use a firefox plug-in to right-click and draw a box around all the file links to download all of them at the same time very quickly. The plug-in allowed me to grab all the xml files in one quick action and save them all to the same folder, named correctly.

    The links used to point directly at the XML files themselves; now they point to the same URL (http://www.bbgpsgolf.com/wap/bbgpsgo...ourse&cid=7356), each with a unique course ID. This causes each file to be saved as the same name: bbgpsgolf.course.php. Because of this, I have to right-click each XML file and then copy and paste the correct filename for each save I perform. Over many courses, this is a pain.

    Even the links on the MY COURSES page, the links are in the same URL format. Bottom line: having to rename each file with a copy and paste during the save process is extremely annoying and time consuming. If you can fix it cool, if not we can just deal.

    What about a link that zips all of your xml files up for you and servers that up to the browser for download?
    07-28-12 02:06 PM