1. mikevski's Avatar
    Hey guys, this is probably a simply question and I'm missing a step somewhere. I have the Blackberry Storm 9530 and have AppWorld downloaded. I have downloaded very few programs or apps, and have the external media card. When I'm downloading apps from AppWorld I get the message stating "you have less than 5 mb of space left." I look in the memory section and it says I have 2.1 mb of free space for apps, 850 mb of device memory free and 7.3 gb of free space on the media card. Anyway I can download to this other locations? It doesn't seem possible to only be able to download 5 apps and have a Blackberry's memory full.

    Any help is great. Thanks.
    08-01-09 12:54 AM
  2. SaMaster14's Avatar
    Ok... the Application memory is at 2.1mb. The phone wants you to have over 5.0 of that memory. Just to a battery pull and close some unnecessary apps that you have open, and your Application memory should shoot right up.

    I'm not sure, but I think the app memory is kinda like RAM... so the more apps you have open, and the longer you leave your phone running without a reboot/shutdown, the lower the app memory will be.
    08-01-09 01:24 AM
  3. mikevski's Avatar
    Even with that I still have the same problem. I keep getting the error that the file is too large to download. I'm having a difficult time downloading the upgrade for the same reason.
    08-01-09 11:06 AM
  4. black_rain™'s Avatar
    hmmm call up some kind of tech support .... maybe VZW i would think !!!
    08-01-09 11:41 AM
  5. jprintz215's Avatar
    or maybe delete some things off your Storm you do not use. There are a lot of different languages and support for those languages, start there. if you don't use the help feature, that is another very good thing to get rid of. I never play any of the games so they went... you see where i am going with this
    08-02-09 04:20 AM
  6. djrdan6's Avatar
    even with all that stuff on MY phone, it still works. I have UK language installed (because you HAVE to have the US as well), also I have 21 apps installed and 22 games, and still sitting pretty at 27.3MB left. I have never had any troubles, so you're best calling tech support or finding ways to clean up memory (wipe?)
    08-02-09 11:17 AM