1. Arinta's Avatar
    I downloaded the new ubertwitter beta 6 version 0.945, but i don't like it.
    I like the ubertwittter version 0.925 better, so i want to change it back.
    Do they still post the ubertwitter 0.925 link? where can i get it?

    pls i need the link to download the ubertwitter 0.925
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    01-04-10 05:57 PM
  2. AHinMaine's Avatar
    What don't you like about it? Doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the new version....
    01-04-10 09:10 PM
  3. nags's Avatar
    I don't like that the new version doesn't have a * on the icon when there's new tweets.. You just see the red led blinking and have no idea why
    01-05-10 11:27 PM
  4. AHinMaine's Avatar
    Oh right, that annoyed me as well. I just disabled the red light. I don't care about the * because there's new tweets every time it refreshes anyway. The thing I like about UT, though is that when you're reading and then you switch away to another app, when you go back to UT, even if it's hours later, you can pick up right where you left off. Best twitter client of any platform for that feature

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    01-06-10 01:36 AM
  5. CaCHooKaMan's Avatar
    turn on 'enable blackberry notifications' and all the visually notify ones
    01-06-10 02:07 AM