1. zthacher's Avatar
    I have a T-Mo 9700 which I love, and recently set up visual voice mail, which is super convenient. However, recently I've started to get two notifications for every new voice mail -- I get one text message pushed to my combined SMS/Email inbox, and I now get a message in the natively-installed VVM application. So this means I have to go to my inbox, and my VVM app, to get rid of my notifications.

    I didn't used to get two messages, but now I do. I've restarted via many battery pulls, but I'm still getting the messages in both places.

    It's not a show stopper bug, but it's annoying to have to to go two places to get ride of the flashing red light. Any thoughts on how I can fix this, oh BB gurus!

    05-05-10 06:55 PM
  2. Symp EL's Avatar
    My VVM always did that. I hated it and uninstalled VVM.
    05-05-10 09:58 PM