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    Hi All,

    My issue seems to potentially overlap several different forum headings, so I thought it would be best to start by posting it in the General section.

    I upgraded my Bold to OS6 for about a month and then went back to OS5 without any issues (via using DM for the downgrade) and everything has worked fine for a few weeks. Today, however, I happened to notice that nearly all of the icons that I've hidden on my Main Screen (after hitting the BB Menu button from my Home Screen) are now there twice. I now have two hidden copies of the following icons: NFL Mobile, Slacker, Monopoly, VZ Tones, V Cast Song ID, Visual Voice Mail, and V Cast Apps.

    So now my Qs are:
    - Any idea how this would have happened and why I ended up with two copies of these hidden icons? I'm thinking they might be copies designed for OS6 + a copy for OS5 since I tried to install one of the versions of Slacker but I was denied since I didn't have OS6, but I was able to install the other copy.
    - After poking around with my Applications settings, there doesn't seem to be any way to delete these apps altogether even though I never intend to use them -- is this right?
    - Am I right in thinking these are all Verizon-pushed apps? Obviously, all the V-named icons are from Verizon but I wasn't sure about the others.
    - Any way to correct the problem so at least I have only one copy of each of these undesired apps?
    - If I haven't actually opened and installed these apps, are they just "empty" icons taking up hidden screen space but not actually using any memory on my phone? (I especially want to make sure I'm not using up twice the memory since I have double copies of the icons/apps).

    Sorry for the long post, but thanks ahead for any help.
    03-27-11 07:49 PM