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    DoubleCam takes viewfinder-quality snapshots while simultaneously recording standard or HD video:

    for OS 5, there's a more limited version that just takes quiet snapshots, but not while recording video:

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    Torch 9800, Rogers,

    Viewfinder only takes up about half of the screen - the rest is black.

    Functionality works, I have a new video in my videos folder and new picture under camera pics. Had to accept a 'trying to reset security timer' message but otherwise worked.
    07-23-12 03:41 PM
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    That's expected in portrait, otherwise the image would be stretched or else zoomed.

    In landscape it should be fullscreen, or as big as possible without distortion.

    Added a permission to the first-run request to take care of that extra prompt.
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    Makes sense - consider pulling the viewfinder down towards the middle of the screen and/or putting some controls on there, more like the native video - just so its clear to the user - it just looks like something is wrong.

    Also, it does not auto-orient. Works with startup orientation but if you switch, for example, from portrait to landscape, it stays portrait.
    07-24-12 07:32 AM
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    There were problems when the display flipped during recording or while paused, so it's just locked however it is when the app is opened (in DoubleCam; but in Courtesy Camera, it will flip).

    Courtesy Camera is combined with Led-Free Video in a single app. The latter turns off the flashing light while recording using the native video camera.
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