1. FF22's Avatar
    First, I'm asking this because I am having and issue with Toysoft's Profiler on my TOUR.

    I have created Profiles to change the profile to Vibrate at a certain time. Then change back to Normal at a later time.

    It appears that if the Tour is just set down and allowed to enter Standby Mode under Autostandby, then Profiler will NOT switch profiles. Profiler is supposed to vibrate when in the Holster (which I thought was equivalent to standby) so you can pull it out and allow it to inject keystrokes to run the actual BB Profile module. It seems to start the process by opening the Profiles Menu but stop. It does not work.

    Whereas tonight while doing more testing I found that if I place the Tour into a holster (magnetic), then Profiler does its job - it alerts me with a vibrate, I remove from holster and it changed to the other profile. Placed back into holster and it again alerted and changed back to my normal profile.

    So, back to my initial question - is HOLSTERing the Tour the same as allowing it to enter standby mode using Autostandby? Is pressing the MUTE key different than placing it into the holster?
    09-13-09 12:22 AM
  2. Jancy10's Avatar
    No placing the phone on standby with mute key does not change the profiles as it does when in holster...Autostandby is jus like holding down the mute key it does not switch profiles either...only holstering switches the profiles because of the magnets and sensors...
    09-13-09 12:31 AM