1. cornell01's Avatar
    my copy of documents to go is acting up. when i click on the icon (excel,word, etc) instead of loading the app, my blackberry hangs. never opens any of the apps. however if u click the blackberry button u see that the docs to go app is 'currently open'. really weird. anyone had this issue? how do i fix this?
    09-16-09 11:24 AM
  2. ScottW23's Avatar
    OK..not really sure where to ask this but I'll ask here. I just rec'd my new Verizon Curve, I had an Alltel Pearl. On the Pearl I was able to start new documents, either from Word to Go or Sheets to Go. However, I try to start a new document on the Curve and keep getting an error message "Your SmartPhone comes with Documents to Go Standard Edition. The feature you are trying to use is not available in the Standard Edition but is in the Premium Edition"
    All I would like to do is create a Word or Excel document. Please help.
    09-20-09 08:42 AM