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    Hello everyone,

    I was having some free file memory problems before, so I upgraded to OS .110and that seemed to have taken care of my problem. I was doing 9-13 file free prior to the upgrade, and went up to 17-20 after upgrade.

    So then yesterday, I remembered that I have not updated my Docs to Go. I did the normal accepting the terms and conditions for both Word and PowerPoint, then proceeded to do the update for the Excel program.

    Well as soon as I finished the download and rebooted my BB, I noticed my BB became sluggish again. Much like how it was prior to the OS upgrade. I checked my file free count and it was at 13,xxx,xxx. I waited 30 minutes, and checked again and it went down to 9,xxx,xxx. I freaked out, and deleted Docs to Go all together from my system. Lo and behold, as soon as I did a hard reset (CTR+ALT+DEL x2) my ff memory jumped back up to 20,xxx,xxx.

    Sorry for the long post about this, but I was wondering if anyone has had issues with their BB and Docs to Go like this? I tried to do a forum search but didn't really find much about Docs to Go creating memory leak. I am just wondering if I am a lone wolf on this subject or if there is something wrong with my phone?

    Thanks guys
    01-15-09 08:42 AM
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    I just did the upgrade. My curve ran well before and after. I don't notice any changes in performance. Maybe you should uninstall, reboot, and then reinstall. Good luck.

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    01-15-09 02:48 PM
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    hello...somebody can help me to got the doc to go...but i need a crack one..where i can edit and make a new document at my phone..thanks alot
    01-16-09 02:52 PM
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    01-16-09 02:56 PM
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    There is a premium version for you dodo at dataviz dot com. A free version comes with OS 4.5 or higher.

    New Documents To Go Premium Edition and PDF To Go

    I'm sorry spffy, I haven't heard of this problem. You can use apploader to put it back on your device and try again to see if you just had a glitch with the first installation. I have put some file free info below for you. I hope it helps.

    Keep in mind that your file free memory is something to pay attention to, as well as your browser cache especially if your problems happen when you're in your browser. You do need to follow the memory optimization guide. Before you do that, you should take a couple steps to free up memory now - and these are the steps to follow if your ff drops to below 12mb again (I also put in good browser settings for you:-)):

    First clear your cache and event log:

    Clear the Event Log: Open the log (alt-lglg)> press menu key> select clear log.

    To clear your browser's cache, while in your browser> press menu key> select options> select cache operations> select clear content cache> press back.

    Then reset your Curve. A soft is usually good, but a hard reset is close to a battery pull:

    Soft Reset for the Curve: press alt>right shift>delete keys at the same time.

    Hard Reset: press the alt>right shift>delete keys again after the BlackBerry's screen lights up after the first reset.

    Then set up your browser:Browser Settings:
    Browser settings for improved view. While in your browser, press menu key> options> browser configuration> check all the boxes> make sure browser is set to internet browser> show images set to On WML and HTML Pages> emulation mode set to BlackBerry> click back and save.

    And finally, take a good look at your apps and delete the ones you don't need.

    Good luck!

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    01-16-09 03:29 PM