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    Okay, so I've asked a few people who are very knowledgeable about BB's and none of them seem to have every heard of a similar problem and I'm hoping someone here could help me out.

    So I'm running .282 on my Bold (the official Rogers release) and using DM 4.7. Whenever I go and load an app onto my BB after I select the apps it gives a list of apps which will be deleted and apps which will be installed (this is normal).

    Well besides the app that I have loading to install it also says it will update 4.6 core apps. If I click next after it finishes all of my settings (for both apps...ringtones...ect) get reset to their default settings. I don't lose any information yet I have to go back and re-enter all the registration codes and what not.

    I've also used DM 5.0 and I still have the same problem.

    Thanks in advance guys.
    08-04-09 12:32 PM