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    hey all. I have a question that I searched for but did not find a specific answer too. I have a Bold 9650 on Sprint but I would really love the Disney Mobile Magic app since I frequent Disneyland atleast once a month. It would be very useful but I see Verizon customers are the only ones with the access to it. My question was if verizon and or disney has actually implemented a lock on it as they have done with skype or is it possible to run it on a different carrier? Any input and info is greatly appreciated!
    04-18-11 10:30 PM
  2. jlb21's Avatar
    I believe you have to use a Verizon phone. However, IIRC, you may be able to rent a basic phone when there to use the app.
    04-19-11 08:35 AM
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    EDIT: They also have a mobile website. May not be as detailed as the native app, but theoretically, you can use the mobile website from any phone.

    Frequently Asked Questions | Mobile Magic Application | Disney Parks

    Edited again: Mobile website will not have fastpass times and the like. From the FAQ link above, this is what you can get from the mobile website:

    You will have the ability to receive the following:
    - Park Hours
    - Attraction Wait Time Information
    - Character Finder
    - Entertainment Schedule
    - Dining Information
    - Weather
    - Shopping Information
    04-19-11 08:36 AM