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    They have one for the iphone. Can someone make one for the storm? I can help on image design and such if someone can build the program

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    06-28-09 03:59 AM
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    This would be awesome!

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    06-28-09 08:33 AM
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    awesome app idea but one thing to consider is where are they getting their info from? Don't believe this app is a Disney published app.

    If it is based off of other park guests using the same program entering the info, the program is only as good as the data that gets entered! If I am evil and want people to avoid the rides I want to ride - I could enter a higher number so that they steer clear! Every program that runs off of information entered by other users has a huge risk of bad data!

    Verizon and Disney joined to create a info system to give you the same info via text, but as of now this service hasn't been launched.

    Not sure of the number for DL - but for WDW if you call 407-WDW-INFO and ask for tipboard information at a certain park, they will tell you current wait times. This information will be a lot more accurate.
    06-28-09 09:26 AM
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    Here is a news article on how it works and was developed. it mentions the verizon partnership as well. i highlighted in orange all important info that i thought would shed some light on how this works and or could work with another app. if he patents this iphone application, would it be safe to create another app that does the same thing but exclusively for blackberry? i really think this could make some storm users a little happier. it really could be useful for those Disneyland vacationers

    iPhone app aims to cut theme-park wait times
    A Florida dad was inspired to create an iPhone application to make his theme-park visits a little less stressful on his feet.

    Now an iPhone can do more than just help you kill time while waiting in theme-park lines: it can help you avoid them altogether.

    Jacksonville father of four Brent Pope, 44, released a series of applications called Wait Watchers, which shows wait times for Disney and Universal theme-park attractions -- and costs 99 cents per theme park.

    First came the app for Disney's Magic Kingdom, released two weeks ago. This week, he released versions for Disney's Animal Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Epcot, as well as Universal's Islands of Adventure. He also has created an app for Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure and Universal Studios Hollywood. One for Universal Studios Orlando is on its way.

    The applications depend on parkgoers to keep the information up to date. Using Global Positioning System technology, the application allows users to submit a wait-time update only if they are in the theme park.

    Think you can shoo away crowds by greatly exaggerating a ride's wait time? Think it would be funny to say the hardly ever crowded Carousel of Progress has a 110-minute wait? Pope's prepared for that and will block an iPhone ID if a user gets flagged multiple times for sending totally wrong times.

    ''They say necessity is the mother of invention, and in my case, recession was the mother of invention,'' said Pope, who was laid off three months ago from his job as a creative director at an advertising firm.

    But losing his job didn't stop a spring-break family trip to Walt Disney World. He often wished he could know a line was going to be long before having to trek across an entire park with four kids in tow. It wasn't until he returned from his trip that the idea sparked. He hired programmers from a company called Phodder to build and manage the app.

    Disney has been working on it's own mobile magic with Verizon Wireless for several months to create a richer application that would allow Verizon customers to get updated information on attraction wait times, as well as locate shows, restaurants and Disney characters in the parks. It also will let guests play mobile games and get messages from Disney characters.

    The application will be released sometime in 2009, according to Disney. And there will be some mobile features available for park guests without Verizon.

    Disney fanatics have been creating books, online guides, podcasts and forums centered on a love for the Mouse for years. Social communities that share information -- what Pope's app depends on -- are no exception.

    Pope said his app will be useful if at least 12 people in each park contribute data to it throughout the day. His next update will include a countdown for showtimes.

    ''It's definitely a gamble being completely dependent on a community of people to create content,'' said Forrester analyst Vidya L. Drego. ``It all depends if you end up targeting a group of people that feel it is worth their time.''

    Other theme-park apps already are available in the iTunes store, including ones for park maps, Disney trivia and guides to finding Hidden Mickeys -- images of The Big Cheese throughout the parks.

    ''It shows the strength of our brand,'' said Disney spokeswoman Andrea Finger.

    Disney's partnership with Verizon is currently available in an Epcot park attraction, the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure, where guests go on a scavenger hunt around the park and are given Verizon devices to interact with clues.

    Pope said this is just the first wave of theme-park apps he plans on creating. But don't count on him for any apps for Disney's water parks. ''I don't even like my iPhone being next to a glass a water!'' he said.
    06-28-09 12:53 PM
  5. greydarrah's Avatar
    That would be very cool indeed.
    06-28-09 01:00 PM
  6. skrach's Avatar
    i emailed the company wondering if they were planning to develope an app for the blackberry. i mentioned that even though the iphone is popular there are many blackberry models and that the bb community should be allowed to have an app of similar use. i will let you guys know if i hear anything back
    06-28-09 02:33 PM
  7. brianf21's Avatar
    There is a site that does the same thing. It is relatively new.

    WDWmobile.com : Remote Access | Walt Disney World Wait Times (Unofficial)
    08-03-09 03:38 PM
  8. greydarrah's Avatar
    Just got back from Six Flags today...they need the same thing for that place.
    08-03-09 05:02 PM
  9. MsMirandaPanda's Avatar
    Totally love this idea and I would be the first to load it on my phone when it comes for Disneyland in CA. I am an avid Disney fan and I feel confident in saying the "Disney fan family" has enough respect for one another not to lie. It doesnt help anyone. Looking forward to hearing more about this!
    08-08-09 01:15 PM
  10. jlb21's Avatar
    Mobile Magic – First Disney Parks Mobile App Details, Screen Shots Unveiled Disney Parks Blog

    Attraction wait times on your Verizon Wireless device will be unique. There’s been an investment in the backend infrastructure to support Mobile Magic and offer actual wait times based directly on Disney Parks information.
    As for FASTPASS, you’ll be able to check if it’s still available for specific attractions. And if FASTPASS is available, the app will deliver information about the next return time. So, if you can still get a FASTPASS, the application will show, for example: FP: 4:00-5:00 p.m.
    Also, mobile maps are GPS-enabled. While wandering the parks, your location will be indicated by a white circle. Then it’s simple to scroll through content and find it on the map via a “getting there” option. The map zooms out and allows you to see your location and exactly where the character greeting or restaurant can be located.

    It’s important to note that actual wait times, FASTPASS return times and detailed character appearances are only available in the park you are in. When you’re out of the park or on the soon-to-be-launched mobile Web site, you’ll see scaled-down wait time descriptions (now – moderate – high demand) FASTPASS availability (yes – limited availability – not available) and the list of character appearances will be limited.
    If you are not a Verizon Wireless subscriber, you can still use your mobile phone to access select information via text and on the Disney Parks Mobile Web site. It’s just better from our friends at Verizon Wireless.
    There’s more to this offering but we wanted to share these screen grabs and let you know that the app is coming soon. So, how’s it looking?
    10-30-09 01:38 PM