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    Ok, so...I can't figure out WHERE my icon for Berry Buzz has gone...

    Long story short - I had to exchange my BB that I just got within the 30day period because the screen wouldn't dim and the Standby feature wasn't working. Got my new one, couldn't upgrade to the NEW BerryBuzz bc somehow my password was changed. FINALLY got my berrybuzz BACK on my phone 3 days ago. Fixed all the settings how I want them. -

    As of yesterday and this morning I noticed that my LED lights weren't going off at all.
    So, this morning I
    (1.) went to my Profile that I have setup for "work" to change the LED lights back on and investigate, and there were NO BerryBuzz options.
    (2.)Went to Options from my home screen and again NO BerryBuzz option. So double checked my home screen, un-hid EVERYTHING, and the Icon for BerryBuzz wasn't there...
    (3.) So...I went to :Options>Advanced Options>Applications: and it had it listed there. Ok...? So I clicked into it, clicked :Menu>Edit Permissions: Connections, Interactions, and Data Info were all set to DENY, so naturally,
    (4.) I switched them all over to ALLOW and saved it. Still nothing...
    (5.) So I just decided to re-download it from my Mobihand account.

    The option for BerryBuzz IS back in my Profiles and IS back under Options on my home screen, but the Icon for it (even after I rebooted because you have to reboot for it to work) is still MISSING.
    So...I'm wondering if my BerryBuzz option will disappear AGAIN? Why? What happened to my Icon? And how to get it back...
    Anyone have ANY ideas that I haven't already tried?
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    09-29-09 12:19 PM
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    Have you tried a battey pull?

    If that doesn't work, then I'm not sure. I wouldn't be too worried though, as clicking the actual icon just resets your BerryBuzz to it's default settings.
    09-29-09 12:39 PM