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    Justin, here are the issues that I face using an old Verizon Pearl without any network connection:

    I am able to use a Bluetooth GPS puck along with GPSed to keep the signal alive.

    Everything worked great up until version 1.0.19, while keeping everything on an SD card. With the changes as of late, several things have broke and there is no remedy that removes all headaches. I am hoping you can help.

    1.0.21 causes the java.lang.illegalArgument Exception: invalid character in name error, while 1.0.22 causes the Class 'net.rim.device.api.ui.decor.Border' not found error. From reading the sticky, I assume this is because the newest beta build (1.0.22) does not work with older devices.

    Rolling back to 1.0.19 is the easiest solution and that is what I have done, but now another problem reveals itself. When using new course xml files, the <HoleNumber> element causes various problems, such as Not Set or No Par Data.

    So currently, I either can't use any of the new course xml files, without removing all the <HoleNumber> elements. The only way around this I am assuming is if you can get 1.0.22 to work on older phones. I'm sure I can write a script to parse through the xml files and remove this element, but doubt others can do this.

    I hope this helps. I can keep using the maps I have on SD card now, but updating from now on will be a pain. It looks like several others are having the same issues on the forum.
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    Would a link to the old versions help. I dont have the time to go through the code. All of the older devices will not work with the new stuff i have done. I have links to all of the old versions I sure. Let me know what version you want and I will enable it again on the web site.

    Hope this helps.
    07-27-12 08:02 PM
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    I have the links to the old versions. Actually, I saved them through the years as I figured this may happen eventually.

    I use OTA Downloader to grab all the files I need and throw them onto the SD card as well. If anyone needs help doing this for a device with a broken usb port and no network access, PM me.

    Back to the topic at hand: The old version works fine for me; however, the only pain is the fact that the new <HoleNumber> element in the XML files causes it to break. I just go through the XML files and remove them. I can just write a PHP script to perform this on a file. If I do, would like me to provide a link to it on these forums for others to use?

    If you could go back to the code for version 1.0.19 and fix the <HoleNumber> bug, it would be awesome, but don't bend over backwards for me and a few other users.
    07-28-12 02:13 PM