1. JustStreamIt's Avatar
    Hey guys -

    If you did not get a free Didiom Pro annual subscription last month, do not be discouraged. You have a second chance now - Didiom - Tweet to win a Didiom Pro annual subscription.. Just keep in mind that Pro is currently compatible with these models:

    BlackBerry 8300
    BlackBerry 8310
    BlackBerry 8320
    BlackBerry 8330
    BlackBerry 8330m
    BlackBerry 8350i
    BlackBerry 8520
    BlackBerry 8530
    BlackBerry 8800
    BlackBerry 8820
    BlackBerry 8830
    BlackBerry 8900
    BlackBerry 9000
    BlackBerry 9630
    BlackBerry 9700

    The contest ends on March 31.

    Good luck!


    03-24-10 11:28 PM
  2. rayjr13's Avatar
    I did win one thanks. but then my 8830 broke couple weeks later and I had to activate my 9530... Program works in compatibility mode but display is a bit messed up. Guess its better than not getting to enjoy my free subscription! Unfortunately, I actually like this touchscreen interface so I wont be renewing if there isn't StormX compatibility...
    05-05-10 12:34 PM