1. Stevies's Avatar
    Hi folks,

    To cut a long story short due to a medical problem that means I take a huge amount of tablets I'm thinking of starting to keep a diary of daily life. Basically I can hardly remember 2 days ago so think it would be good to have an app where I could list what I've done and then be able to search it.

    Do you have any diary recommendations?


    08-09-10 12:11 PM
  2. adamlau's Avatar
    IdeaMatrix. Password protection, remote backup. There is none better.
    08-09-10 02:20 PM
  3. michikade's Avatar
    Either that, or you can password protect / private a wordpress blog and use the wordpress app - access online or from your blackberry and is search-able as well. It's a free option.
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    08-09-10 02:43 PM
  4. SmakBerry's Avatar
    Ideamatrix, isn't that a 60+ dollar app?
    I'm looking for a diary type app as well, tried the app in appworld and it was extremely buggy.

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    08-09-10 02:43 PM
  5. GavinCampbell's Avatar
    Maybe this could help. I knew I saw something recently.. just found it by searching my google reader feeds.

    08-09-10 03:08 PM
  6. GavinCampbell's Avatar
    Here is another.

    I have not used any of these so can't say if they are good or not. Just passing along info.

    BlackBerry App World - AUTDiary
    08-09-10 03:10 PM
  7. Stevies's Avatar
    Never thought of the blog idea - might try that. Thanks
    08-09-10 03:15 PM