1. mike122074's Avatar
    Hey I was just wondering if there is a program out there the you can hook your Blackberry to your desktop and manipulate the controls of the blackberry.

    For instance, text, email, change options, Basically see your blackberry on your computer and control it from there...

    If there is not, can it be done?


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    08-16-09 06:49 PM
  2. Aristotles's Avatar
    I too would like to know! But I would also like to see an app where I can backup all my sms messages and reload them again for later! It would be cool, a complete GUI of the small screen on your desktop and still send emails, sms from your phone!
    08-16-09 06:51 PM
  3. kra9235's Avatar
    I've been using viaDock. Works okay, although it is still a work in progress. Go to impatica.com. Sorry, I can't post links yet.
    08-16-09 08:09 PM
  4. mike122074's Avatar
    so i tried the impatica.com thing and it works but it is very laggy. Mouse support is not all there. However it does have potential to be exactly what I am looking for.

    Does anyone know of any others?
    08-16-09 11:54 PM