07-29-09 07:20 AM
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  1. nyr2k2's Avatar
    Thanks for coming back! It appears to be at the last stage...
    I'll stick around until we're sure you're able to surf the internet and see your email account. When that's good, you'll be perfect.

    I'll mention that any applications you have that you purchased and had to enter registration numbers for, you'll likely have to enter the registration number again. Garmin, I'm thinking.
    07-29-09 01:55 AM
  2. dave1966's Avatar
    Uh oh... sure hope I can find that number!
    07-29-09 01:57 AM
  3. nyr2k2's Avatar
    Do you use the iBerry theme you have on your phone? There's a chance that it might not yet be compatible with .151.
    07-29-09 01:58 AM
  4. dave1966's Avatar
    All done! According to the application loader, "The loading operation was successful"
    07-29-09 01:58 AM
  5. dave1966's Avatar
    I've been using the iberry theme for the last week or so... no biggie if it doesn't work... (I've been using the free one...)
    07-29-09 01:59 AM
  6. nyr2k2's Avatar
    I just looked, it should be compatible.

    Okay, if it's done, I would recommend doing a battery pull real quick. It will clear your phone for a minute and then let everything load up fresh.
    07-29-09 02:00 AM
  7. dave1966's Avatar
    Working thru all the 'setup' stuff on the phone now... it's basically acting like it did when I first got it (showing me how to type, etc...)
    07-29-09 02:01 AM
  8. nyr2k2's Avatar
    Ahh, yeah, I removed the setup wizard with Shrink-A-OS. Heheh.
    07-29-09 02:02 AM
  9. dave1966's Avatar
    Pulling battery now...
    07-29-09 02:03 AM
  10. nyr2k2's Avatar
    When it starts back up, I'm really only interested in two things: can you see your email? And do you have your browser icon?
    07-29-09 02:04 AM
  11. dave1966's Avatar
    I'll let you know as soon as it boots up again...
    07-29-09 02:05 AM
  12. nyr2k2's Avatar
    Cool. I'm sure you will, but if you don't, four clicks!
    07-29-09 02:07 AM
  13. wentouch's Avatar
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread, the crackberry camaraderie feel to it and the assist. Great thread.

    Perhaps, the title of this thread should now be, "How to Shrink-An-OS and install a new OS."

    Nice work, fellas. It's so exciting!
    07-29-09 02:07 AM
  14. dave1966's Avatar
    Browser icon is there... bookmarks are intact and the browser seems to be working..
    07-29-09 02:08 AM
  15. nyr2k2's Avatar
    Well, knowing that others are reading it, I'll state that I know my descriptions of Loader.exe, Device manager, Vendor.xml and maybe a couple of other things were not technically 100% correct. But they are correct enough to help a fellow CB addict learn the ropes.
    07-29-09 02:09 AM
  16. nyr2k2's Avatar
    Browser icon is there... bookmarks are intact and the browser seems to be working..
    Awesome. If the browser is working, you're golden.

    I'd trying making a call or sending a text just to make 100% sure.
    07-29-09 02:10 AM
  17. dave1966's Avatar
    Both my home and work e-mail appear on the screen, but I'm not sure if they're working. I just sent an e-mail from my work account to home, but it hasn't show up in the home inbox. Also... I appear to be missing the "messages" folder I used to have, which showed both...
    07-29-09 02:11 AM
  18. howarmat's Avatar
    what does your "about" screen say?
    07-29-09 02:11 AM
  19. dave1966's Avatar
    Phone call worked fine...
    07-29-09 02:12 AM
  20. dave1966's Avatar
    About screen: v4.7.0.151 (Platform
    07-29-09 02:13 AM
  21. dave1966's Avatar
    E-mails to home e-mail just arrived...
    07-29-09 02:14 AM
  22. nyr2k2's Avatar
    Go to Options > Advanced Options > Register now. Hopefully that should get your email fully functioning if it's not already.
    07-29-09 02:14 AM
  23. nyr2k2's Avatar
    About screen: v4.7.0.151 (Platform
    07-29-09 02:14 AM
  24. dave1966's Avatar
    Is there a way I can get "Messages" back? It used to have all my calls, texts and e-mails in that folder...
    07-29-09 02:15 AM
  25. nyr2k2's Avatar
    Is there a way I can get "Messages" back? It used to have all my calls, texts and e-mails in that folder...
    Hit Blackberry Button twice then choose "Show all." It might be hidden?
    07-29-09 02:17 AM
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