1. bwomack's Avatar
    So I have been deleting apps from my storm and they are removed from the app list but there is still an icon on my menu. when i click the icon it takes me to my browser, which loads a download page for the respective app. how can i make these icons go away? examples are: flickr, slacker radio, vcast music, vcast song id etc... i want them off
    09-03-09 07:14 PM
  2. Dave12308's Avatar
    These are links to the installers for these programs, and they are pushed to your device via service book. Unfortunately, there is no way to disable them, as deleting the service book entry for the icon will simply cause it to reappear soon after. Another case of VZW deciding for us what we should and shouldn't have on our phones. The only option is to hide the icons. Luckily, they hardly use any memory since essentially they are nothing but web links.
    09-04-09 08:17 AM