1. Knockglock's Avatar
    So I was messing around (this is my first BBerry) and I downloaded some apps. But i think they are eating my battery life, so I deleted them. I restarted my phone but they're still there. I click on them and try to close them or exit them but they won't do it. I also can't get some apps, like Google maps (and bberry browser) and bberry messenger) to close. I hit and hold the BBerry button and go into google maps, and sometimes I can get it to close but others I cannot.

    The apps I deleted but that are still running are:
    Skydeck Mobile
    Dexter SMS Backup
    07-19-09 05:10 PM
  2. mjs31's Avatar
    Some apps are open all the time. Browser, home, messages and phone. Google maps should shut down. Just go under the menu in google maps and select "exit" not close.

    As for deleting apps and them returning you would need to be more specific. Certain apps are sent via service books and will show up again.

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    07-19-09 05:18 PM
  3. kaywhyarestee's Avatar
    Have you tried doing a hard reset? Mine has done that before also, I just took it to Verizon and got everything updated and did a hard reset.

    Hope this helps..
    07-20-09 08:28 AM
  4. Lynx's Avatar
    I noticed this too. But I did a device switch from my storm to the tour, so I uninstalled the apps that I was having issues with (Google maps, Poynt, BB app world, and viigo), and re-installed them and have been having no issues. Also you will always have the following 5 apps running no matter what: Home Screen, Browser, Messages, Phone, and Blackberry Messenger. If you have BB light that will always be running too.
    07-20-09 08:33 AM