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    The BlackBerry is one of the most desired smartphones in the market right now. With all the features that it includes, you'll be wondering if it can iron your clothes and cook your meals. It is no wonder than more and more people want it. This also has prompted developers to create new and innovative applications for the BlackBerry. The latest one is BlackBerry spy software.

    BlackBerry spy software allows you to monitor a BlackBerry you own from any computer with Internet. All you need to do is connect to a website that offers it, like SpyBlubble.com and download the software into the BlackBerry in question. Once the BlackBerry spy is installed in the smartphone, it will send reports of all its activity to the website, from which you can see them by entering a user name and a password.

    Ok, now let's discuss some common misconceptions about BlackBerry spy software. Despite it's name (which was chosen for marketing purposes), it won't allow you to spy on your neighbors or co-workers. It won't send you any information from a smartphone that you don't own. Also, if you install it on a smartphone that doesn't belong to you, you'll be committing a crime and can be prosecuted by legal authorities. The only exception to this rule is if your employer asks you to install the software on BlackBerries that belong to the company as part of your work.

    Having said so, the software is very useful in two applications. The first one is on keeping track of your children and finding them easily in case they get lost. If your child has a Blackberry with the spy software installed in it, you'll be able to track his or her location on Google maps. If for some reason your child doesn't show up in the place and time that you agreed to, a quick check on the website will tell you if the child is still at school, or at a friend's house. A quick call can then calm your fears without creating a fuss. On the other hand, if the location of the smartphone is completely off the way it should be, you should better take steps to find your child and not waste any time.

    Also, if you are an employer that lends smartphones to your employees for their work, a BlackBerry spy program will let you know if they are using the phones to contact clients or to make personal phone calls. Whether you are protecting your family or your money, this software is really worth the cost.
    04-03-10 08:56 AM
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    Or, run the FREE latitude app that comes bundled with Google Maps!

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    04-03-10 05:53 PM
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    Google maps app can be stopped, I'm guessing this can't.

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    04-03-10 11:07 PM