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    Hi Guys,

    This is my first time posting on here. I apologize in advance if a solution is found somewhere already (although I've searched and haven't found one). Basically, I just switched back to my Torch 9810 from the dreaded iphone 4. I downloaded (and paid for) and app called Davis' Drug Guide. Essentially, my problem is that the app needs to update and whenever I try to update, it tells me that the app is up to date and then closes. The app then does the exact same thing, over and over again.

    The help I'm looking for is whether or not there is something I'm doing or not doing to get this to work. I have been in contact with the app designer to find a solution, but I thought I'd ask on here as well. The app requires a micro sd card (which I have installed and seems to be working fine). I don't have very many apps on the device as I just started using it again, so there's plenty of space. I have no other issues with any of my other apps. Has anyone else had this problem?

    Thanks in advance
    10-14-13 09:35 PM
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    Reading some of the app world reviews, it seems the app was never updated to support OS 7.1. You are probably going to have to contact the developer about a refund, or to inquire if they ever plan to fix it. This is unlikely since the 9810 is an older phone. My guess is that they have abandon the BB platform. Here are some support options....

    DrugGuide.com | Davis's Drug Guide Online + Mobile

    10-15-13 07:58 AM

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