1. andy957's Avatar
    Comitic has somehow changed my favorite app DailyHoroscope to automatically load whenever the phone reboots. I've written to them to ask them to remove this in a hotfix but haven't heard back. I don't see any in-app setting to turn it off.

    Has anyone else found this annoying?

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    03-11-13 10:10 PM
  2. hytran's Avatar
    Good luck. I submitted a report through BB World (no, I did not leave negative feedback) and got this response:

    We did not change anything besides adding the Chinese horoscope for 2013. What was the last version that you had before?
    In college, I was a tutor for the computer science department. If I had a nickel for every student that told me, "why doesn't my program work anymore? All I changed was this..."
    03-14-13 08:22 AM

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