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    NewMailIcon is a cool and unique application that lets you have customized icons for all your email accounts on the HomeScreen. NewMailIcon comes with 20 default icons that you can use or you can select your own icon. Your icons can be any format in jpg, bmp, gif or png.

    Besides having customized icon for each email account NewMailIcon also shows the number of new messages on the icon right on the HomeScreen. You can also select the type of Bubble for the new message count.

    Clicking on the New Mail Icon on the HomeScreen will display the Inbox for that mail account. When you get new message, read or delete a message the icon on the HomeScreen is auto updated.

    Note: After you have setup your custom icons you can hide the old icon for your email accounts.


    * Supports up to 16 email accounts
    * Supports BIS/BES mail servers
    * Comes with 20 build in icons
    * You can select your own custom icon to use
    * Displays the new mail count on the actual icon
    * Icon auto updates when you get new messages, delete messages and read messages
    * Have custom icon name that shows on the HomeScreen
    * Easily tell which email account have new messages
    * Easy to setup
    * Cool looking icons

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    06-24-12 10:31 PM
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    I purchased this app the other day and I like it. The only problem is....when I click on one of my three mail icons, as I close out of it, It takes me through my other one too. Is there a way to stop this? Sometimes it even takes me to my text messages???
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    12-04-12 04:52 PM