1. cem1701's Avatar
    I installed crunchSMS on my dinky 8320 so I could have threaded sms and I love it, but I have some issues.

    I get a lot of Twitter sent to sms, so I used to have an exception set up so that any sms from Twitter would not vibrate or tone so my BB would not be constantly making noise.

    That way, if I heard my "sms tone," I knew it was from a person and not Twitter.

    Now that I use crunchSMS, there is no option (that I can find) to do the same thing. It's either ring for every sms or none...and I need to hear a tone if my wife is sms-ing me.

    So I need to know if it is possible to do one of two things:

    1) Create an exception using crunchSMS so I can choose which sms received using it gets a ringtone and which do not.


    2) "sync" crunchSMS with my BB message folder so that an sms deleted in one is deleted in the other and vice versa.

    05-25-10 12:20 PM