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    I'm looking for a cross chat platform which has the similar group function with BBM. Which using pin, email, and number which ever you like to register. Showing avatar and nickname.

    Why I like BBM

    It has many functions:
    - Can see all members in one tab
    - Inside chats can have more than one topic. If in whatsapp it's impossible to have a conversation, or following conversation unless you watching it 24 hours a day.
    - Members use pin number
    - We never use but it has list function
    - Even got group calendar!

    Whatsapp - I hate it!

    - Adding members with numbers, everybody will see your number, no privacy and if you don't add someone you just see number no nickname, no avatar nothing
    - There is no pictures folder :S if someone sent a picture, you must scroll and find it...

    Hello messenger Only difference with whatsapp it's has the font problem on my 9930, some fonts look 4pt some 6pt keep changing. And other than that nothing extra

    kik.com also nothing special and I hate applications that i cannot close.

    ebuddy xms I'll re download it when they release version 6 cause current one is useless.

    liveprofile doesn't even have groups options :S

    I even tried Icq but still cannot find something like BBM (not even close) in a cross platform group chat
    07-02-12 01:06 PM