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    Ok CrackBerry Nation, I'd like to try an experiment to see if we as avid BlackBerry fans can help RIM out with encouraging developers to create apps for our beloved BlackBerrys in addition to the apps these developers have created for iPhone and Android users.
    All too often I see advertising for major businesses that say they have an app for iPhone and Android available with no mention of BlackBerry.
    It is annoying to watch people at Sea World, Disney or other places I go just download a free or cheap app to make their activities more convenient.

    There is a large company for haircuts that I frequent called Great Clips that have gone high tech and have made it easier for Smartphone users to schedule appointments directly from their phones and get in the queue and know the wait times. Of course BlackBerry is not included in this.

    I'd like to see what would happen if we as a CrackBerry Nation write a simple email stating that BlacBerry users would benefit from an app like this as well and would love to see one developed for it. My hope is if they receive enough requests and see there is a large segment of the population they are excluding and would use this app, they will actually take the time to develop it.
    If it works here, we should take suggestions for other companies that have apps of interest on other platforms and use our collective influence to make it happen. It seems RIM is having difficulty making this happen on their own so instead of complaining about the lack of apps, let's find ways to be part of a solution that benefits us all.

    The company I'm referring to here is called GreatClips (Link to their mobile app advertising below)
    GreatClips.com - Mobile Apps for Online Check-In

    Their customer service email is:

    Seaworld, Disney and other theme parks are also good places to exert our collective influence.
    08-24-11 02:17 PM
  2. GingerSnapsBack's Avatar
    Sirius is my biggest reason for not jumping on the 9850 bandwagon when it hits Verizon. I have to have my radio at work since IT blocked the online player and Sirius quit supporting their app at OS5.
    08-24-11 02:43 PM