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    CrackUtil v1.0 is released.



    CRACKUTIL IS A BIT MORE POWERFUL THAN JL_Cmder but has a nice friendly user interface. This makes it easy to use and easy to destroy your phone's Operating System. It also helps a great deal when recovering and maintaining Blackberrys.

    I expect several revisions of this program over the next few months.

    CrackUtil relies entirely on Javaloader.exe to provide its functons. Javaloader is a clever program but does not provide much in the way of error reporting. If something happens that it does not like or understand then it just stops. If Javaloader stops then so will CrackUtil. There is noting that I can do about this.

    I have therefore tried to provide functions that do not break in normal use.

    Please give me feedbak on what you think of this new tool as I am anxious to improve it as much and as quickly as possible.

    As usual, PLEASE READ THE HELP TEXT before you try brain surgery on your BlackBerry.

    What CrackUtil Is Designed To Do
    CrackUtil is a free program designed to be a Swiss Army Knife tool for your BlackBerry phone.

    CrackUtil has several functions. To use CrackUtil, you must first connect your BlackBerry phone to the PC via a USB cable. Do not run Desktop Manager at this time.
    Since CrackUtil uses the RIM tool javaloader.exe all the actual javaloader commands issued by CrackUtil are shown at the end of the CrackUtil button selection description i.e. Command: javaloader –usb wipe -f

    The first screen that displays will be the password screen and here you may put in your phine password should you have one. The password will be retained for the CrackUtil session in an unencrypted program variable. This is a minor security risk since the password may remain in the PC’s memory after you exit CrackUtil. If this is a concern then you should power off your PC at the end of the CrackUtil session.

    To continue to CrackUtil, please enter your password and click OK. If you have no password then you may click either OK or Cancel. The CrackUtil opening screen will be displayed.


    Here you may carry out various non-destructive tasks to your phone. The worst you can do here is to erase the log on your phone.

    Notice that the current Operating System version is displayed in the bottom left of this panel.

    The various functions here are

    Set Device Time which simply sets the phone time to be that of the PC. Command: javaloader –usb settime

    Take Screenshot which takes an instantaneous screenshot of you BlackBerry and then opens MS Paint so that yo may viw the image and then save it in whatever format is available in whichever folder you wish and the filename of your choice. Command: javaloader –usb screenshot BBScreenshot.bmp

    Retrieve Event Log copies the phone’s Event Log to a text file on the PC. The Event Log is the same one that you see when you type Alt-LGLG on the keyboard. This Log is useful when debugging the phone. You may save this file wherever you wish. The file is initially stored in Program Files\CtrackUtil\EventLog.txt. Command: javaloader –usb eventlog

    Clear Event Log simply erases the data in the Event Log on the phone. Command: javaloader –usb cleareventlog


    Again the OS version is present and for good reason.

    Retrieve File Listing will, after a short delay display all the OS files loaded onto the BlackBerry. Command: javaloader –usb dir

    Filename, version (same as OS mostly) and size in Kb are displayed.

    Remove File from Device will erase a file from your Blackberry. The file is not lost however. It is stored in Program Files\CrackUtil or Program Files (x86)\CrackUtil under Vista 64 bit. Care needs to be taken when using this function since CrackUtil will remove any file selected regardless of its name or need on the Blackberry. It is possible to completely brick your phone if you inadvertently remove the wrong file so please be careful when using this function. The phone will often reboot after a file remova operation. Command: javaloader –usb savefilename javaloader –usb erase -ffilename

    Load File to Device will load a .cod or a .jar file to the phone. Loading files is NOT THE SAME as installing them via Desktop Manager. This function is included so as t allow experienced uses to manipulate their phones file system. Serious damage can result if files are loaded without careful consideration and prior knowledge of OS compatibility. This is one reason that the current Device OS version is displayed on this panel. Command: javaloader –usb loadfilename



    A prompt is included on all the selections below and a continuation password must be correctly entered including case before the action will be carried out. Once the continuation password has been entered, the selected action is immediately actioned. All three functions have separate password that are clearly displayed above the data entry field.

    Before attempting any of the command below you should first sync your BlackBerry and then do a Backup. This will safeguard your personal data.

    Wipe Device Applications Will remove all data from your phone and will remove all applications as well. The phone will be set back to JVM Error 507 except for the IT Policy which will remain. Command: javaloader –usb wipe -a

    Wipe Device File System immediately wipes or bricks your phone back to JVM Error 507 (No Operating System installed) except for the IT Policy which will remain. Command: javaloader –usb wipe -f

    Reset IT Policy will reset the phone’s IT Policy to factory normal. Command: javaloader –usb resettofactory

    BlackBerry Phones Supported
    CrackUtil has only been tested on 8000 series phones to date. It may work on other models but you do so at your own risk.

    Operating Systems Supported
    CrackUtil has been tested on Microsoft Windows XP (Home and Professional), Microsoft Vista Home Premium and a version of Microsoft Vista 64 bit.

    Microsoft Vista users (all versions) need to make a one time fix to the installation of CrackUtil and of javaloader.exe after installation and before use or the program will fail to copy files as it needs to.


    Microsoft Vista is a very secure environment and for good reasons it objects to some of the things that CrackUtil does within the Program Files folder.

    Under Microsoft Vista you need to take additional step is needed after installation on all versions.

    Right click on the CrackUtil icon and scroll to Properties.

    Select Properties and then on the next panel, select Compatability and then click Run this program as an administrator. This only need to be done once right after installation.

    Note the check in the Run this program as an administrator box.

    This only has to be done once.

    This procedure needs to be repeated for the program javaloader.exe which resides in the C:\Program Files\CrackUtil folder with CrackUtil.

    Here's the full fix for making work again under Windows 7.

    I run Windows 7 x64 on all my PCs and I found that CrackUtil would not run after installation until I did the following.

    - Install as normal.
    - Open up the root folder of C:\ in Computer
    - Open up a second window pointing to C:\Program Files x86.
    - Drag (Move) the CrackUtil folder from Program FIles to C:\
    - Open C:\CrackUtil and right click on javaloader.exe.
    - Select Properties and then Compatability.
    - Set to run as administrator
    - Repeat this with CrackUtil.exe.
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    10-23-08 10:07 AM
  2. John Yester's Avatar
    Awesome work as always Pete
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    10-23-08 10:08 AM
  3. Pete6's Avatar
    Wow, that was fast.
    10-23-08 10:16 AM
  4. chunter81's Avatar
    seems kinda risky. is this program worth it
    10-23-08 10:28 AM
  5. Pete6's Avatar
    seems kinda risky. is this program worth it
    I think so, that's why it got written.

    That's the short answer.

    A number of people need to wipe their phones and are scared to use JL_Cmder becuae of its old fashioned interface (doesn't bother me at all) and so the friendly Windows style interface helps allay this fear. There is a comprehensive help text so they can read about what they are about to do before they do it.

    The file manager is useful for removing files tha you forgot to do at ainstall time with the proviso that you know what you are doing.

    I put in the screenshot function because it is useful. Of course you could also download CrackPic if screen pics are al you want.

    You are right, CrackUtil is not for everyone that is for sure but it will help some people, of that I am sure.

    In reality it is no more dangerous that going into your C:\Windows folder with Explorer and having a look around. Truble starts if you start deleting files willy nilly in either case.
    10-23-08 10:36 AM
  6. pltaylor's Avatar
    As Pete has stressed this can wreck a BB if not used properly. Nothing that can't be fixed, but be careful. This has some real time saving potential Pete. The part I like most is (correct me if I'm wrong) the ability to remove/replace individual modules. I need to get with you on a potential add on. People who are taking non-T-mo devices 8110, 8310 and Bolds are having browser issues. As in NO browser. There is a fix that involves removing the browser by removing then replacing a specific module in java loader, loading T-mo service books then reinstalling the browser. This may be a good place to simplify that procedure. Thanks again Pete.
    10-23-08 10:39 AM
  7. Pete6's Avatar
    I did not think that it would take you long to discover this thread Mr. Taylor. I hope that the program will find a use on your PC.

    The File Manager function can remove and add individual files and I have used this to get myself 500Kb of memory back on my Curve.

    If the .cod file names are known then these may be added or removed on the Bold provided that the files are not locked by the Bold OS (I am working on this one).

    Try is out, see how it works for you and please let me know how you get on back in this thread.
    10-23-08 10:46 AM
  8. trucky's Avatar
    aaacccck, When I install it the corp. antivirus sees the "crack" and apparently thinks it's a virus and won't let it run.
    10-23-08 12:11 PM
  9. Pete6's Avatar
    aaacccck, When I install it the corp. antivirus sees the "crack" and apparently thinks it's a virus and won't let it run.
    It is not a virus but you should run your antivirus against the program before you run it just to be sure. Then you may disable your antivirus program whilst you run the program.
    10-23-08 12:24 PM
  10. trucky's Avatar
    I understand that it's not a virus... I've followed your work here for a while... but I am unable to disable the AV, sigh.
    10-23-08 12:27 PM
  11. John Yester's Avatar
    I messed around with it for the past 2 or so hours. Looks and works okay for me

    No questions as of now....
    10-23-08 12:35 PM
  12. Pete6's Avatar
    I understand that it's not a virus... I've followed your work here for a while... but I am unable to disable the AV, sigh.
    Interesting. How did CrackMem run?

    Can you just rename CrackUtil to BlackBerryUtil? That should fool 'em.

    You can't really blame the antivirus program. Which one do you use btw? Maybe there is an exception rule within the program.
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    10-23-08 12:39 PM
  13. Pete6's Avatar
    I messed around with it for the past 2 or so hours. Looks and works okay for me

    No questions as of now....
    and, you still have a working phone ?
    10-23-08 01:32 PM
  14. trucky's Avatar
    Pete, the AV is Sophos and as I extract the installation files via the installer Sophos grabs the .exe and locks it in quarantine. I can't do anything with it from there.
    10-23-08 02:51 PM
  15. Pete6's Avatar
    I guess that you will have to wait until you get home before you wreck your phone then.

    I know, Mods are not supposed to say things like that....
    10-23-08 03:35 PM
  16. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Another fantastic job Pete.

    One thing though: I am not sure if it is my PC or how the app
    works, but I could not get it to run until I moved all of the
    Javaloader files into the CrackUtil folder. After that it runs fine.

    Keep up the good work.
    10-23-08 04:43 PM
  17. Pete6's Avatar
    It should have done that at install time. Javaloader is a part of the install kit and it should copy all the files to C:\Program Files\CrackUtil. If that did not happen then I need to check my install file. It worked on my laptop though. If you can try it on another PC and see what happens, I would be obliged.

    The main thing about CrackUtil is that it puts a WIndows interface onto JL_Cmder and does a couple of other things besides.

    Where I would really like to take it and I cannot find out how right now is to access Device Memory so that pics and whatnot could be copied out of Device Memory to/from the PC without having to use Roxio's horrid medai manager.

    The second thing I'd like to do is to be able to delete locked files anywhere on the phone. Files will have to be unlocked on the phone via a little program (currently under study) and then I can get at them.

    Hopefully CrackUtil will be a little less scary to some people than JL_Cmder (a fine tool IMO - I learned on it) and we wil be able to use it for supporting CB users.

    This is the last utility that I have planned since I seem to have taken javaloader about as far as it seems willing to go.

    I shuld be clearly understood that I di not write any of CrackUtil. It was all done by FiG a very clever youg man whos is just finishing universit here in Geneva. All I did was to show hom what javaloader could do. Show hom a BlackBerry and suggest some functionality. What came back was CrackUtil. I am amazed.

    CrackMem is pretty much finished. CrackIT is a dead duck due to an error in RIM's program that produces policy.bin and CrackPic is probably going to go theough one or two more iterations and then it too will be finished.

    I shall then go back to making phone calls on my BlackBerry instead of continually re-booting it.
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    10-23-08 05:43 PM
  18. uncheels23's Avatar
    looks pretty cool pete i'm going to download it now
    10-23-08 05:52 PM
  19. benzworm's Avatar
    getting it now.... all the crack programs are great
    10-23-08 06:10 PM
  20. benzworm's Avatar
    p.s. the vista link doesn't work
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    10-23-08 06:12 PM
  21. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Pete, I just installed it on the PC upstairs also and the only four
    files present in the program folder are:

    The error i get is: Could not run JavaLoader - File does not exist
    Program will close.

    Once I move the files from the JL_CMDER folder to the
    CrackUtil folder it runs perfectly.

    EDIT: Both the desktop and laptop running Windows XP Professional w/SP3
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    10-23-08 06:58 PM
  22. Pete6's Avatar
    I found the error. I missed putting javaloader.exe into the install file. I am a complete twit. Please give me 5 minutes and I will upload a version that actually works.

    Sorry about that.
    10-23-08 07:17 PM
  23. Pete6's Avatar
    OK, I fixed it, added the missing javaloader.exe file. Built a new install file, uploaded it. Downloaded it. Installed it on my PC and it works.

    My part in this was not so hard as you can see from the speed with which I added the file. I just had a senior moment there. Thanks AG for pointing out my omission.
    10-23-08 07:24 PM
  24. Pete6's Avatar
    p.s. the vista link doesn't work
    This may be the same problem as AG found. Please try re-downloading the install file and then doing your ususal Vista stuff.

    It's 1:25AM here and I need to get some shuteye. I'll hang for a few more minutes and then give up for the day.
    10-23-08 07:26 PM
  25. benzworm's Avatar
    This may be the same problem as AG found. Please try re-downloading the install file and then doing your ususal Vista stuff.

    It's 1:25AM here and I need to get some shuteye. I'll hang for a few more minutes and then give up for the day.
    yepp! that fixed it!
    10-23-08 07:36 PM
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