1. NPCanada's Avatar
    This is my front page when I start Crackmem. I have not run it yet as it doesn't offer me an operating system to choose from. The 4 programs that it is asking me to choose from are medical programs I have installed on my Blackberry Bold. How do I get it to recognize the operating system of the device. It is plugged into USB but desktop program is not running. See attached file. Looks like a great program. I have gotten rid of the sample videos on the Blackberry on my own (which were the biggest problems) but I want to get rid of the other sample media files and get rid of some of the other factory installed useless programs.
    03-22-09 10:03 AM
  2. wnm's Avatar
    The "Select Operating System" feature works when you have an OS installed on your PC. You need to find the exact OS you have on your BB and install it in Windows. Then it will show in CrackMem.
    03-22-09 10:20 AM