1. don_poky's Avatar
    There's no solution yet i guess, but there suppose to be a way to use pandora on Blackberry when we are not in the US. There shud b a way like how we can use pandora on PC using torcc file. Now I can only listen to it when I am in my office coz it has US network! I need it on my 3G!! while am on the move. I can only do that if I kept my Pandora app run, not shutting it down after last logged in from my office WiFi. If I shut it down I have to come to the office and login again.

    Did anyone of you got access to it outside US on blackberry? Please post. Panora doesnt have that policy for buying the service and enjoy outside US, they are paying back whoever outside US paid them before.

    If this is cracked, we all can use Slacker Radio too.
    08-19-09 06:38 AM