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    First, I did search for this. Hopefully I didn't miss what I'm looking for.

    Question 1: How come some of the updates from FB come to my phone as the emails containing links that must be accessed before I can comment and other times they come as items to me that I can actually comment on without using the attached link? I've tried removing the email notifications for things but I can't get a consistent behavior one way or another.

    Question 2: Why does my mobile new feed, i.e. the people whose updates I see on the FB app, differ from the news feed I have on my PC? I have people on my phone that I've removed from the news feed at home. Why are they still bothering me? I can't see a "remove" link or menu option for that either.

    Thanks in advance to anybody that can help me with this. I prefer not to use the message link because the comment and reply box is sooooo small compared to the box that appears normally.
    08-14-09 12:47 PM
  2. jrod3055's Avatar
    I can answer the first question. Sometime you have the FB application still open and sometimes you don't. When you have it open, you get FB icon on the main screen. When you have it close (meaning logged out completely) you get the email instead.
    08-14-09 12:50 PM
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    Thanks. I'll try that.
    08-14-09 12:54 PM
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    Keep this mind - you three avenues to gain access to FB via the phone. The first is the FB icon. From within this application, you have access to the mobile site by press on the BB menu button and selecting "Go to Mobile Site". The third method is by opening up your browser and typing the website. You see it as if you were on a PC. The lettering will much smaller. Oh, before I forget, when I said earlier about logging out of the FB icon, you have to again press the BB menu button and select "options", "Logout", "Yes".

    Sorry couldn't help you out on the second question. Good luck.
    08-14-09 01:00 PM
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    Also if you load a link, or a picture, or a video, on your facebook status that will not come to your phone as notification. It will come as a link notification.
    08-15-09 12:47 AM
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    The facebook application, is a watered down version, some features you'll need to go to the mobile site for such as commenting on a wall post. If someone comments on a wall post, you'll only get a notification with a link to that post. The application will not allow you to directly respond like it does with a status or photo comment. Maybe the next upgrade will. Talking about the news feed, on the pc you can block people, on the application you can't. Just that simple. Its just not a full blown version.

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    08-15-09 11:09 AM
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    Thanks mookish. That's not the answer I wanted, but I guess it's the answer that I have to get. Oh well, I don't look at those that often anyway. I really just wanted to be able to directly comment when people "tag" me rather than get the link and the answer that jrod gave me seems to have taken care of that so far.
    08-17-09 12:49 PM