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    I thought i would compile a list of apps i got for my curve 8900 and you guys could post what apps you are using. lets see if we can find new apps here if you guys have any links to any cool apps post them.

    so heres what i got

    Poynt- lets you check local movie listings in your area- app store - works great- free

    weather eye- lets you check the weather forcast for the week quickly- app store free

    flycast- free radio broadcasts for any genre or radio station in the usa- works great- better if you have 3g - free app store

    viigo- im new to this one but lets you see news from threads from all over, very cool- app store free

    fox news mobile- because fox news always has the good ****- appstore free

    google maps & google latitude- very cool map app- and latitude shows you where your friends are on gps if they have latitude- free from google.com on your phone.

    shazam- tells you what song you are listening to by putting your phone nto the speaker-n very cool and convenient when youre trying to figure out who sings that catchy song on the radio- free from app store

    blockberry- a very good tetris port for your phone, the best one ive seen yet, full with tetris theme songs playing in the back round- and has different models for each blackberry to fit screen properly go to pappedWorld

    next dual pack- very fun but challenging block game with 120+ levels bought from appstore for something like 5 bucks i think

    vringo facebook- links all your contacts with their facebook profiles so when they call you or you cal them you see their facebook picture- free google vringo facebook

    pinstack app- if your not familiar its like crackberry with forums and free downloads- go to pinstack.com/app to download the app or go to pinstack.com on your computer

    crackberry store app- crackberry.com/appstore

    berry torch- lights up your screen and led to make an effective flashlight- free from crackberry app store

    blackberry app world- no intro needed just get it from your browser

    capture it- lets you take screenshots of your bb screen at any time- got it free from either the app world or crackberry app store, i dont remember

    and so far those are the coolest ones i got let me know if you found any other ones.
    04-13-09 03:42 PM
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    Great list and thanks for the blockberry link i found more than blockberry there!

    I take it all back none of this worked for me, well perhaps that is because of the os im running 4.6 if curious. ah well. hey if anyone knows of a free screen capture throw me a e-mail or hit me on bb messenger
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    06-02-09 08:20 PM
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    good list.
    07-30-09 10:27 PM
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    theres a bunch of threads like this in the applications forum further down the page fyi.
    07-31-09 12:21 AM