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    So I noticed if you have the same email address within both a regular Contact list and also through Google Sync (Gmail contacts), and you want to Compose a message (email, sms) to that same email address, the Name under which the email address exists in Contacts wins, so it doesn't autocomplete in the To: field with the email address typed in itself.

    Example: john@john.com exists under John Smith in BlackBerry Contacts, and as its own email address through Google Sync's Gmail addresses. Well in this case, it wouldn't be a problem, given the matching names. But for example, if you have a friend listed as 'Dumbass' in BlackBerry regular Contacts, but as verydumb@dumbness.net, and you happen to usually remember this person as verydumb@dumbness.net (or any email address that doesn't match their name - like in Gmail contacts), you might get confused as to why it won't autocomplete as verydumb@.etc., so you'd have to type in Dumbass, and then grab the email address under Dumbass (in BB regular Contacts).

    Sorry it's late, but I wanted to throw this in here... tired.

    So be careful how you name your contacts or their email addresses, and use the appropriate strategy on how you remember these people.

    Darnn it's annoying!
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