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    I seem to have a conflict between Hookt Messenger (v1.7.0 or higher) and BeBuzz 5.0.67. I just wanted to see if anyone else was having a similar issue. I am running BB OS on a 9860.

    Control and Background: if I use Hookt Messenger v1.6.0, the two apps work as I would expect. When i get a new Hookt message, BeBuzz will vibrate and flash the designated LED colors ("Hookt - Message" in my profiles), and remind me at my preset intervals via vibrate and LED flash ("Hookt - Reminder (BeBuzz)" in my profiles) until I clear the notification by reading the message. Profiles are set to have LED off as this is handled by BeBuzz.

    Issue: if I upgrade to Hookt Messenger v1.7.x (1.7.0 to 1.7.4) with all other settings intact (Profile settings and BeBuzz settings), I will still be notified of a new Hookt Message; however, nothing will clear the notification, except for 1) rebooting the phone, or 2) opening up BeBuzz, which will clear all notifications. Re-opening Hookt to re-read the message, opening up the Messages application, or even using the LED Reset utility does not permanently clear the LED and vibrate reminder, my LED will blink and I will get a vibrate after 5 minutes (my setting). The indicator mini-icon does disappear though after reading the initial message.

    Downgrading to Hookt 1.6.0 will immediately solve the issue and behavior will be as before. Uninstalling 1.6.0 first and rebooting in between before upgrading to v1.7.x does not prevent the endless repeat notifications from happening.

    Okay, while it may seem apparent that Hookt v1.7.x is the "culprit", my intent on this post isn't to point any fingers at either app. I have been in contact with the Hookt developers (they are awesome, btw), and they advise that nothing has changed that should cause what I am experiencing. I just want to see if anyone else is experiencing this, or if I am the only one.

    Since I have a work around (downgrading to 1.6.0), it's not urgent. But I am missing out on small improvements and new features, so I thought I'd post and ask around.

    PS - all other IM apps that I use work fine, including IM+, WhatsApp, BBM, Windows Live Messenger, etc.

    07-11-12 12:49 PM
  2. Chrysalis1156's Avatar
    Someone posted about Hookt and having trouble clearing notifications towards the end of the BeBuzz thread so no, I don't believe you're the only one having problems. Sadly I don't think anyone from Bellshare has responded to that or other posted issues.
    07-11-12 08:19 PM
  3. rfig's Avatar
    Well, that person Chrysalis mentioned was me, and yes, I have the same issues as the OP. I left that post on the BeBuzz thread and have received no answer. It's the most annoying thing ever having to reset the notifications by opening BeBuzz everytime some sends me a Hookt message.
    I feel your pain, OP, so let's hope some solution come out soon.
    07-12-12 03:58 PM