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    So this might be a little to intensive, but hear me out. Would there be a way to make an app so that your ringer profile changes based on the ambient noise around you. For example, i have mine set to normal which is fine in regular environments, but if i walk into like the library its retardedly loud. Or if i'm listening to music i can barely hear it on normal, but can in Loud setting. The program would basically turn on the mic for a fraction of a second before the ring comes on, measure the ambient noise, and change the ringer volume accordingly.

    I think it would be sick and useful, rather than having to change the volume settings a ton of times throughout the day.

    Edit: I just saw the GPS enabled request, but that would only work if you are going from outside to inside (my gps almost never works inside).
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    02-19-09 10:06 AM
  2. LuciferRex's Avatar
    wonder if this is even possible
    02-19-09 11:07 AM
  3. yenkomuscle's Avatar
    It would be cool if it was possible
    02-19-09 11:10 AM
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    I'm not a programmer just adding to the idea.

    This would be a battery killer is my first thought.

    If you programmed a decibel meter to adjust profiles it could in theory work

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    02-19-09 02:44 PM
  5. SocaZeus's Avatar
    The phone has a mic so it should be possible. Still, there migh be some OS stuff that prevents the changing of sound profiles like that. And then, how accurate would it be? In a Holster, pocket, handbag, etc?
    02-19-09 03:03 PM