1. aguha's Avatar
    Hi! Just wanted to suggest to the folks at BlackBerry who designed the compass the following:-

    - Integrate in an Altimeter. The compass now give me direction and spatial GPS Position. Would make sense for it to also give me altitude position on the same UI. (If possible, also to show related secondary info such as Temperature and Pressure readings which vary by altitude - perhaps in a drill-down).

    - Link into BB Maps or Google Maps app direct from the Compass app - so as to show spatial and altitude positioning on a map.

    As a field surveyor in the agro-forestry sector, the above suggestions if implemented, would make the Compass app much more useful to field professionals like myself.

    Just hoping this works it's way thru to the developers at BlackBerry!

    02-05-14 12:44 PM
  2. dgjackson40's Avatar
    Check out Gadget Box. The compass included there has altimeter and map link. Also other gadgets in there that may come in handy for you such as the Height gadget. Not a commercial here just observation after only recently downloading that app.
    02-05-14 12:55 PM
  3. aguha's Avatar
    Am already using GadgetBox - very useful!
    Wish in addition to allowing me to measure tree heights it would also have a tool to measure tree girth - maybe asking for too much!

    Just another idea... to have an alternative Compass UI with speedometer readings for use when travelling in a vehicle or airplane / helicopter (as I often conduct field ground and aerial surveys).

    Thanks for alerting me to GadgetBox anyways.

    02-05-14 01:05 PM

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