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    CardKaller vs. BerryDialer

    So, you want to make an international call on your BlackBerry, but you want to use a calling card to save on international calling fees. Typically, you would have to dial the toll-free calling card number, wait for a prompt, enter your user-specific calling card access code, wait for a prompt, and then dial your desired telephone number. That can be quite a pain, especially if you have a couple different calling cards.

    Enter CardKaller and BerryDialer ....

    CardKaller: CardKaller
    Price: $19.99

    BerryDialer: S4BB Limited BerryDialer
    Price: $19.99

    Both programs facilitate the above process, and both perform in a similar manner.

    So, considering the cost is equal, which one is better?

    Graphical User Interface

    BerryDialer - launch BerryDialer, and you are greeted by a blank screen. Literally. There is NOTHING on the screen:

    You have to click the "menu" key to be greeted with your options to "add" a new card, "edit" a card, or "delete" a card:

    If you select "add" a card, you are then given a set of pre-determined fields:

    You enter the toll-free number, the number of seconds that the program should pause, the access number, the number of seconds that the program should pause, and any other necessary characters (e.g., hitting the # key at the end). You are constrained to the fields predetermined by the program.

    CardKaller - launch CardKaller, and you are greeted by a nicely laid out, graphical interface. The main portion of the screen is divided into four quadrants: add a card, edit a card, delete a card, and make a call:

    Hit "add a card" and you are walked through the process of setting up your calling card. Enter the name of the card, enter the toll-free number, etc:

    Plus, as you can see in the above screen shot, there is an "advanced" setup, which allows you to configure calling cards that will not fit the predetermined fields. This is a definite advantage over BerryDialer.

    Ease Of Use

    Both programs work in a similar manner. Essentially, once the calling cards are entered into the program, you can access the program from within the address book.

    For example, you want to call Joe Smith:
    (1) Find Joe Smith in your address book.
    (2) Hit the MENU key, select "CardKaller call" or "BerryDialer call," respectively.
    (3) The program kicks in, and works it's way through dialing the toll-free number, enters your access code, and dials your desired number.

    Although the function is similar, CardKaller, once again, provides a nicely laid out graphical interface. Whereas BerryDialer presents basic textual prompts, CardKeller presents graphical prompts.

    The above steps assume you are calling someone with a telephone number contained in your address book. If you are calling someone not in your address book, CardKaller allows for this option as well:

    Just enter the telephone number, and CardKaller does the rest.


    Both programs get the job done. Both programs allow you to enter your calling card information once, and then you can forget about them, knowing that they are there to use any time you wish.

    BerryDialer was released first. CardKaller is the new kid on the block. While BerryDialer has more longevity, CardKaller definately trumps BerryDialer in aesthetics. You can tell the folks behind CardKaller put some work into it.

    The best way I can describe the appearance of the programs is to use this analogy: BerryDialer looks like you're working in a DOS-based system from 20 years ago, whereas CardKaller looks like you're working on the latest Mac or an XP/Vista machine. When you're talking about spending nearly $20 on a BlackBerry program, function is only part of the consideration. Appearance and ease of use are equally important and, in these categories, CardKaller wins.

    If you are looking for this type of program, since both programs cost $19.99, to me the choice is clear -- CardKaller is the winner.

    Function: 8/10
    Appearance: 2/10
    Ease of use: 6/10

    Function: 8/10
    Appearance: 10/10
    Ease of use: 10/10
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    Cool programs, I'm may give cardkaller a shot.. What's with the bot?

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    03-27-09 09:03 AM
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    Card kaller is neat but hard to use on the storm..waiting for it to be storm optimized.
    04-03-09 05:41 AM
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    bb already have this built-in - create a new address book entry and for phone number enter the access number then insert pause (on my 8120 it is the "L and ," key or press menu and add pause) then access code if you need one then pause then any other codes, etc...
    04-03-09 11:54 AM
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    Awesome review! I don't use calling cards much but I used to. This would be handy for any calling card power user

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