1. peege's Avatar
    I've read numerous threads on these apps but still have questions:

    Can either Color ID or BerryBuzz work with CrunchSMS.

    Will Color ID work with BBM's

    Not completely sure how or if they change "current profiles"

    Most interested in SMS, BBM, Emails, from specific contacts, as
    opposed to their calls

    Thanks for the help and recommendations!
    04-12-10 09:25 PM
  2. Chrisy's Avatar
    i use BeBuzz.

    1. BeBuzz does not work with CrunchSMS.
    2. BeBuzz allows you to set LED color for BBM.
    3. BeBuzz let's you set specific LED/alerts for contacts' email, SMS and calls. Not specific contacts within BBM.

    BeBuzz offers a free 7-Day trial.

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    04-12-10 10:14 PM
  3. motekmobile's Avatar
    Hi again Peege, I just downloaded crunchSMS 2.6 and tried it with Color ID 1.1.8 and it works fine. I am using a pearl 8130. Crunch SMS is a pretty neat program by the way. I think i'm gonna keep it

    05-05-10 03:56 PM