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    Hi Guys,

    I am bootstrapping my way into a profitable startup and just wanted to share with you my latest product, an online business card scanner called CogniCard available at CogniCard - the Online Business Card Scanner ( I am the developer of ZenMinder and Just10Minutes, some might have used them)

    I call this one a multi-channel business card scanner because you can send in business cards via eMail, webcam or fileupload. CogniCard then uses OCR technology and a human quality check to capture information from your business cards. Once the data is captured it is sent back to you via eMail as a VCF attachement that can be imported into your BlackBerry or Outlook address book. Of course you can manage all your contacts online as well.

    This means you don't need install any apps on your device, you can use it on multiple devices and also on your desktop/laptop using your webcam. All you need is a camera with autofocus (all BlackBerry models later than the Bold 9000) and you can get started.

    To ensure privacy and security we use the McAfee Secured web-service which scans the application once a day to discover security risks and alerts us immediately (so far no alarms).

    The app is running stable, the quality of captured cards is great and we have a steady number of new users.

    What I am looking for is your feedback and your ideas how to extend it and what features you would like to see. Any reasons why you would not use this application (except that you don't have business cards)? Since CrackBerry is full of power-users I guess this is the right place to ask.

    05-29-10 06:33 AM