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    Hi everyone, a friend of mine just come in and asked me about my battery. I told her that it lasts me about 3-4 days at at time. Except for when I listen to Slacker alot of course. Well, her battery isn't lasting a day even if she doesn't use it. I think she may have opened applications but I don't know how to check or close them. Can someone help?
    06-22-09 01:47 PM
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    To check and see what's open, press the alt and back keys at the same time, release the back button when popup opens. Then roll to and highlight the open app and release the alt button, then press the menu key and close like normal.

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    06-22-09 01:49 PM
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    I forgot to mention 5 apps will always be there as open - the browser, call log, message folder, bbm, and home screen. This function is the way I multitask. One can easily switch between apps. So I can browse and go to an open D2G document or check email.

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    06-22-09 01:52 PM
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    Thanks so much Exelant for responding quickly! She was waiting! And now she can't wait to get home tonight and sign up for this forum!
    06-22-09 01:57 PM
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    Good! We love new members!

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    06-22-09 02:01 PM
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    I'm trying to check this out for myself and when I do the steps mentioned, my messages show, not the (5)

    When you say the back keys, do you mean the white arrow key? Because that doesn't do the trick!
    07-02-09 01:39 PM
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    Your supposte to hold the alt button on your keyboard and the back key that is right next to your trackball. Then take your finger off the back button and keep pressing the alt key and you should see the apps. Hope this helps

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    07-02-09 02:44 PM
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    or you could go to your home screen and click the berry button to switch applications and it will pop up with what's going on that you can scroll through.
    07-02-09 02:47 PM
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    Press the menu button and switch applications is an easy way to show whats open.. but exelant is right, call log, browser, home screen, bbm, and messages will always be open..
    07-02-09 03:00 PM
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    I got my BB yesterday and I didn't know about this - thanks! My only question is that in addition to the 5 apps that stay open, my PTT is open and I can't seem to close it. I don't have PTT and don't plan on having it - every time I go to it to officially close it, I can't. It just gives me popups about "initializing" it. What the heck?
    07-02-09 05:23 PM
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    Yeah, my PTT always showed up too, until I FINALLY got rid of it, I actually got rid of BBM too, since all of my friends who have Berries have NO clue what their pins are, let alone how to even use BB Messenger so I had no use for it.
    07-02-09 05:40 PM
  12. Gold2Brown's Avatar
    Ok thanks I got it!
    07-02-09 07:16 PM