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    Hi guys, this is a support thread for Clock Locker App.

    Clock Locker is a keyboard locker application designed to meet 3 features: Simple, Light and Customization.

    The latest version of the app is 2.7.0 which can be download (FREE) on APPWORLD

    This application introduces 2 different locking mechanism: Floating Lock and Topmost Lock. The Floating mode allow pop-up screen of other apps to appeared on the locking screen, while the topmost locking mode will not allow any pop-up screens to display on the main screen. Free version features (Floating Lock Only):
    1. Fast, light, simple and low battery consumption.
    2. Big digital clock.
    3. Wifi, radio signal strength (decibels), battery (percent) and ram status (megabytes).
    4. Auto lock (Lock on screen off, Lock on Home screen only, Lock on holster...).
    5. Short-cut key: 'K' - Customizes in option. (Note: Hide the native locking app of BlackBerry)
    6. Can change clock surface, background, wifi, radio, battery and ram icons.
    7. Can customize unlock password which can include numbers and symbols (e.g. 1, 2, 3, @, + ...).
    8. Can display lunar day (Select 'Display Lunar Day' in option).
    9. On/Off lock in holster.

    Full version features (Floating Lock and Topmost Lock):
    1. Topmost Lock (Select 'Popup Lock' in option).
    2. Can customize the auto-lock delay time.
    3. Can unlock by stroking track pad or touch screen (Select 'Swift type' in option).
    4. Can customize the slide sensitive (Select 'Slide sensitive' in option).
    5. Auto unlock when opening message or phone call (Select Auto Unlock on SMS/Phone).
    6. Turn off the screen immediately after locking (Select 'Screen Off Locking' in option).
    7. Slight vibration on lock/unlock/Functioning (Select 'Feedback on locking' in option).
    8. Can switch of displaying: Owner Information, Quotes and Help (Select 'Display' in option. Note: The display content will be changed after screen off).
    9. Can change the text and the LED colors.
    10. Turn on Flash (Press 'FL': f then l). Turn off FLASH (Press Back)
    11. Turn on Wifi (Press 'WN').
    12. Turn off Wifi (Press 'WF').
    13. Switch profile between normal/vibrate (Press 'PF').
    14. Turn on LED (Press 'ED'). Turn off LED (Press Back or End Call).
    15. Off screen (Press 'End Call' or slide from top to bottom of the screen).
    16. Turn on Bluetooth (Press 'BL').
    17. Switch on/off radio (Press 'RD').
    18. Display device information (Press 'IF').
    19. Display weather information (Press 'WT'). (Go OPTION, Select CONNECTION, Fill your WOEID numbers of your location).
    20. All functional hot keys can be modified in Option.

    Questions / Answer:
    1. How to unlock by keyboard: Press Space + Back (can change in option).
    2. How to unlock by track pad and touch screen: Select Swift type and swift sensitive - swift right (more than half screen) then swift up
    3. How to open option: Type 'OT' or 'OP' or 'OPTION' (Can change in option).
    4. I can't find the folder 'ClockLocker' in the internal memory: run the app, wait until the device screen is off and find it again.
    5. How to customize the app screen (change clock, background, icons, quote etc.): Check the files on this folder. Open the device folder which has the same screen resolution with your device screen resolution, edit the images inside, then copy the modified images to the "ClockLocker" folder.
    6. How to activate full functions: Go OPTION then hit on ACTIVE APP button to buy the Key. It costs 1.99$ and can be found in folder: DEVICE/HOME/USER/CLOCKLOCKER/KEY.vxh. (The In-App purchase need APPWORLD App)
    7. How to change quotes: Copy quote file in this folder into your "ClockLocker" folder. If your device is weak, please use the light folder. You can change the quote yourself by editing it by MS Word or Notepad.
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    thanks for the app!
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