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    CHECKBOOK APPLICATION by Collaber Solutions LLC

    Download link: Checkbook - Business & Finance BlackBerry Apps

    Price: 3.99 USD only!!

    * Need an assistant to manage your daily finances like reconcile transactions, save recurring transactions, schedule transactions, etc?
    * This Checkbook is for you!! Manage your money easily.
    * Group checkbooks can be saved in order to organize your checkbooks properly.
    * Now, record all the transactions in real time, reconcile the balances, schedule recurring transactions, etc.
    * Easy transfer of funds from one checkbook to another.
    * Recurring transactions can make your work easier & faster.
    * Record all the transactions & keep perfect track of the current balance as you add the transactions.
    * Get a complete overview of the financial status.
    * Export the data in text format, csv format & send Email of the data.
    05-25-10 08:09 AM