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    I currently have these programs open:
    Google maps with GPS on
    Tinewiki currently playing a little Kid Rock
    Pandora is paused on a song
    BB app world is open
    Bolt is on its home page
    Opera is on its home page
    Vision for youtube is open
    BBfilescout is open
    ScoreMobile is open to MLB scores
    Windows live search
    Ubertwitter autorefreshing every 10 mins
    Berryweather on radar
    Gmail autorefreshing
    Sugarsync (is only on log in screen cause I can't get logged in)
    Google voice app

    With all of these open I was able to browse pics on mem card, listen to mem card music or Pandora, and browse CB with ZERO lag.
    This Tour is AMAZING!!

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    07-18-09 10:16 AM
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    I just openend a couple more:
    Slacker, iheartradio, and Bloomberg
    Device shows 97.8 mb mem open
    Still zero lag all while playing music and typing this post out in the BB browser
    Oh, I have a crappy signal here too.

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    07-18-09 10:26 AM