1. jeedee's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    I was wondering, is it possible to change the app shortcuts when you hold the "blackberry button"? [i don't know whats that called, still a noob at bb's]

    Like theres:
    bbm, phone dial, messages etc.

    I wanna remove browser and put opera mini there, is it possible?

    05-27-10 10:06 PM
  2. c_86's Avatar
    Nope... that is what we call the task manager... it displays all open and running apps, there are 5 that are always running, like phone, messages, BBM, etc etc... and you see 3rd party apps in there when they are open and running in the brackground
    05-27-10 11:09 PM
  3. Pete6's Avatar
    One of those 5, Browser is the built-in BlackBerry browser. This is a neccessary part of the OS and is used by a number of other programs - including Opera-Mini.

    After a while most people find that Opera-Mini does do many things well but they move back to the native BlackBerry browser for most things.

    I now keep Opera-Mini on my phone as a 2nd choice but I almost always use the BlackBerry browser for web sites. I find Opera-Mini a real PITA to use. It feels to me like it was just stuck on the phone and does not use any of the BlackBerry conventions. I do not like that.
    05-28-10 04:05 AM
  4. c_86's Avatar
    See i'm the opposite Pete6... i loath the BB browser, and if i could i would remove it all together... the thing takes forever to load a simple wap page... whereas i have not had a single issue with Opera Mini... Love Opera Mini!

    The only time i use the BB Browser is to download an app, thats it... everything else is done via Opera Mini

    To each there own right? lol
    05-28-10 09:57 AM
  5. Yzf600rmb's Avatar
    Been using Bolt... I love it.
    05-28-10 10:10 AM
  6. jeedee's Avatar
    Oh okay, thanks for the info guys.

    I've tried BOLT, Opera, and BB's browser, but I found Opera to be the best.
    05-28-10 06:55 PM