1. DXCyborg's Avatar
    So there's this game called Caro, it's getting quite famous now, you can check it on the App World.

    Anyways, when you win/lose the score is saved on your phone until you exit the game then it submits the score on the server to prevent cheats and stuff. Also when you turn the network off during the game you get -1 win and +1 lose.

    However a friend of mine managed to find a way to do it, he can control whether he wants to submit his loss or not. So if I play against him and I win, I get the win point but he doesn't get the loss point.

    He's also not a programmer or anything so it shouldn't be something complicated at all.
    He mentioned once something with 'settings' but there aren't any settings in the game so I was wondering if anyone had any idea.
    03-01-12 07:59 AM