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    blackberry won't let me log into blackberry.com account - says does not support my os system

    I'm not too happy w/ my BB bold lately, especially since downloading the new upgrade.

    now when I try to go into bb app world website thru my bb bold 9700, i get message "...does not support your operating system...".

    I'm just TRYING to download the 511 ny app. exhausting.

    and by the way, my last two bb bold phones would not let me access the bb app. (I have already replaced one bb bold because of a white screen issue, NOW, tmobile wants to send me another bb bold phone because of a java.lang error message that pops up when i restart my phone).

    i'm also not happy w/ Google maps apps discounting w/ BB, the Map app that come w/ BB bold does not have features I need.

    I can't go to an Android phone b/c I need the vertical qwerty key pad, plus I have always like BB, BUT NOT LATELY. Are BB's on their way out?
    12-15-12 10:19 PM

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