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    I tried to upgrade to the upgraded os for the BB Tour through the DM and it crashed the phone with a 507 error. Reading the forums I found that 507 meant there was no os on the phone. Following some threads, I was able to finally get the os back on and restored my tour with a back up created by DM this morning. I did not know that the backup did not include third party apps. Many of my apps are listed in my download file and there is an option to reinstall. However when I click on it nothing happens. The same is true in the BB App World. My World shows them but when I click reinstall again nothing happens. Finally, I downloaded a theme (lost all of them too) and though it is on the phone it does not show under tools>themes.

    It seems like I do not have complete access to my phone. Any ideas?
    09-18-09 10:59 PM