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    I decided to get berrybuzz this am at 5am and went ahead and bought it. Downloading and installing as normal everything functional so that was all Cool . But then the tide turned for the bad dam it I can't get it to register it keeps saying incorrect code . So I tried again same thing. Grrr I contacted bell share and told them yep the pin is correct as far as number in letters in proper sync. They actually sent my a email with the pin numbers out of sync I looked at all my emails sent to then and I had never entered it wrong not once so I do not know where they get that .
    But I am currently trying to tell them that I did enter the letters in small letters instead of CAPS thinking maybe but idk they haven't answered me since lunch . I have mite as well say only 6 days left before my trial ends SINCE its acting like I didn't pay for it which I did . Sounds like bellshare ppl are work overloaded or Slow or both and yes I was geting wound up that's why this in like I'm Venting. Yawl have a happy day . I probably call them in AM this time they better answer too .

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    Ps: they actually sent me another code but that did not work either

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    OK I was not dealing with bellshare but with shop crackberry and they just refered me to bellshare (lucky me).
    But on the link to bellshare I saw where you could change the pin to another device so I thought WTF, nothing to loose its not registered like it is why not. So I entered in all the info the email that i used to order the pin off my BB just as I did when i first entered it in (remember the letters where in the small case) then as my new pin enter the numbers and letters but letters in upper case this time and it registered , OH Happy DAy..... HAppy Day !

    but.... I told them this about 8 hours ago and they acted like oohhhh nooo thats not it ,,,,,, but anyhoo I just happy its fixed so case closed its working I'm happy and really did not have to deal with Bellshare after all
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    now you can disco your phone away
    08-18-09 09:49 PM