05-27-10 12:06 AM
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  1. 1967LS2's Avatar
    So this problem just started about a day or so ago. I searched but still have found no answers. Open to any suggestions.

    So when I get a Facebook comment I receive the email notification which then notifies me on my BB Storm .151 with the little FB notification icon at the top of the BB screen. I open my messages folder which I have done thousands of times before with no issues, but for some reason when I click on the comment in my messages folder it wont open. Weird. I can click on photo comment notifications no problem, event notifications no problem but I'm just having issues with the comment notifications. I have never had any problems before and I haven't done anything differently to my phone that I know of. I checked the applications permissions and all are set to allow, I have pulled the battery a few times to no avail.
    Also you know when you are viewing an email or sms contained within the message folder you can swipe the screen left or right to access the next or previous email/sms. I can do this for everything but when I get to the Facebook notification containing the comment or any comment for that matter it prompts an error saying "Uncaught Exception: null" It will work fine for all other FB events, photo comments, emails, sms, mms, etc. just not FB comments.
    Anyone else ever experience this and if so what if any are the fixes/solutions? Thank you in advance.
    09-15-09 11:05 PM
  2. 1967LS2's Avatar
    Bump Please
    09-15-09 11:11 PM
  3. 1967LS2's Avatar
    09-15-09 11:50 PM
  4. Magnious#CB's Avatar
    I dunno what the problem could be. I do know, that they came out with a new facebook app for the storm. You may want to re-download.
    09-15-09 11:52 PM
  5. Boise IT's Avatar
    I am having this problem on my Bold today
    09-16-09 12:01 AM
  6. Audizine's Avatar
    i'm having a problem where i can't comment on other people's status/pictures etc...
    but it might be the hybrid i just upgraded to...
    09-16-09 12:37 AM
  7. juelz203's Avatar
    Doubt its the hybrid or the phones.....
    I can't accet people as my friend. Think its something THEY did....

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    09-16-09 12:49 AM
  8. mxrider821's Avatar
    thats weird you made a thread about this because its doing the same thing for me also... it just started happening like 4 hours ago and idk what it can be from

    i cant open status comments either.... what gives??
    09-16-09 01:02 AM
  9. izhazissuez's Avatar
    Same here. Might be some software issues on fb
    09-16-09 02:31 AM
  10. Sosai X's Avatar
    I began having the same issues on my Storm today. Running .148 - not a hybrid.
    09-16-09 02:57 AM
  11. mjbanks's Avatar
    I started having this problem yesterday on my Bold, thought I was going nuts. Glad to know it isn't just me.
    09-16-09 06:40 AM
  12. crazy4thecurve's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem on my Curve. I hope it's resolved soon.
    09-16-09 07:38 AM
  13. ScottB1's Avatar
    Same issue here with the curve. Not a hybrid here but I am running I think its a fb issue not a BB issue especially now that I am reading all these posts.
    09-16-09 07:44 AM
  14. SGT206's Avatar
    must be a FB software issue....I cant make a comment on mine, gives me a message that the user cant accept or something
    09-16-09 07:56 AM
  15. mesnewberry's Avatar
    I am also having the same problem - started sometime yesterday... I can click on my own status notifications within emails, etc. but can't view what others have commented on after I comment. Nothing happens other than the FB icon at the top of my BB Screen goes away... but don't get to view the FB notification. Just wondering what is up with this?
    09-16-09 08:02 AM
  16. Smoke N Crack's Avatar
    Yhey are having issues. I am also having issues with Facebook on my laptop computer the past 2 days. when i am in chat with a person it keeps bumping them offline right in middle of conversation. i spoke with my neighbor about this and she is having same issues.
    09-16-09 08:14 AM
  17. msmannie's Avatar
    I am having the same problem as of the last day on my Curve. I also just noticed that as of the last few minutes i also can't open any new "friend requests". I hope they fix this soon.
    09-16-09 08:22 AM
  18. AriJayComet's Avatar
    9630 BB Tour / VZW -- Have been having this issue about 24-hours now. When people send a Facebook email or the likes it works -- but most Status Comments will not open, and the email stays on my gmail server. WTF?

    If anyone finds out the cause and solution lets hear it!
    09-16-09 08:37 AM
  19. collin16's Avatar
    I have been having this same problem, along with a friend of mine. The reason I believe it is happening is because of a Facebook connection not being made, or screwing up. The reason you get the notification is because of the email you receive. Once you receive the email then it starts to pull the rest of the comments from the web and for some reason it cannot do that. Its and issue on Facebook's side, so its not our devices. I would expect it to be cleared up in a day or two... But remember, thats just my theory. Its not the app, and its not our devices, so it must be our server/service. Its the only thing that makes sense, right?

    I wonder if this has anything to do with Facebook lite? Maybe doing some site construction that is messing with our app
    09-16-09 09:07 AM
  20. nado_man's Avatar
    Thanks to everyone for posting this!....thought I messed something up on my Tour the other day when this problem started happening!

    Hope there's a fix soon...
    09-16-09 09:14 AM
  21. 4freese's Avatar
    same here. cant open comments

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    09-16-09 09:20 AM
  22. chynnamann's Avatar
    If and when it gets fixed... let us know! =)
    09-16-09 09:20 AM
  23. carla77's Avatar
    I can't open friend requests. I see them but clicking them or hitting open does nothing so I can't accept or deny them from the phone. I can still comment, send and receive messages and get all notifications just fine.

    Prior to yesterday my last friend request on was 9/2 and funnily enough, the notification is still there and THAT one I can open, but not the two I've gotten since yesterday.
    09-16-09 09:24 AM
  24. Kaminsky's Avatar
    I thought i was the only one...i see now my crackberry fam is on top of it...this is why i love you guys!!!!

    i <3 u guys forever!!!!!
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    09-16-09 09:25 AM
  25. talltubatom's Avatar
    Well I was just coming here to post I was having this issue. Can't open most of my status comments. If i go to the mobile site they are there though. Kind of a PITA.
    09-16-09 09:25 AM
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